5 Benefits to Planning Your Breakup

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Breakup With Them & That Unhealthy Lifestyle

Recently I had a TikTok go viral. I had planned “breakup up with Jacob” in my digital planner and I am sure most thought it was a joke. However, there are many benefits to actually doing this. 



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So here’s the thing…

Not only, will prioritizing dumping the negatives in your life obviously make you happier in the long run, but it can also create a shift into healthy habits and a likewise lifestyle. 

The Top 5 Reasons Why Adding Your Breakup to the Todo List is Beneficial:

1. Motivation

Several things happen when you cross something off your todo list. First, you gain a sense of instant satisfaction - just by crossing the item off ( and when the todo is breaking up with dead weight, its even more satisfying ). Second, it motivates you to want to do other tasks on the list.

    2. Mindset

    ( Usually ) Planners will have a vision board or goal section. Once you cross something that, not to be dramatic but it kind of is, life changing off the list, you want to continue the healthy flow. Creating a vision board for your new future - perhaps focusing on yourself and where you want to go next in life, or new places in the world you have yet to see but desire to. Or finally filling out that career planning section where you create the ideal path to conquer goals you hadn’t


    3. Emotional Outlet

    Breakups come in all forms and so do the emotions. Sitting down to take the time to jot down the breakup as a todo and crossing it off can be overwhelming. Although, doing this can inspire you to open a journal or a safe space to write and note how you feel afterwards. Writing down your feelings can allow you to be at peace with the situation and move on without the weight of your thoughts. 

    4. Creativity

    Planning should be fun, so why should this be any different? Stickers ( both digital and paper ) exist for a reason. Plus, highlighters, colorful pens, and cute pics should always be a must on a planner spread. A breakup can sometimes be a sad event but the reminder in your planner doesn’t have to be. Create something that reminds you of peace and gives you hope for the


    5. Lastly, a Decent Memory

    Wether you’d like to admit it at this point or not, you had a couple good memories with your partner ( otherwise, you probably wouldn’t have been with them to begin with, right? ) Creating a cute “ break up with ____ “ task with it highlighted in your fav color and surrounded by stars or hearts or rainbows or whatever, is great to look back on in the future. The coordinating color scheme and enthusiastic stickers surrounding the occasion should be used to remind you of the good times you once

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    I hope this motivates you to not only add your next breakup to the to do list, but take advantage of all the planner spreads that help create a new, balanced and healthy lifestyle! 
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