How To Download a Digital Planner

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Downloading Your Digital Planner

( & other stationery products )

First off, if you’re new to digital planning, I’m glad you made the switch! 

Going digital allows you to be much more efficient and creative on your road to success. 

Going page to page in a tap of a button and being able to resize your stickers to fit the perfect spot in your planner are truly game changing.

Not to mention, digital means you buy once and can reuse until you’re tired of it. 

Plus did I mention mistakes aren’t a thing when using digital stationery! That’s right, either erase, delete or click the undo button. The limit does not exist. 

How to Download Your Digital Planner

( & other stationery products )

Downloading your planner is extremely easy and with digital, you'll be planning within minutes. 

Here’s What You’ll Need:

  1. Digital device ( Tablet, phone or computer. The ipad is highly used ),
  2. The planner you'd like to download
  3. And the annotation app of your choice ( Apps like GoodNotes, Notability, and Xodo are great choices )

That’s it! 

Side note: Using a stylus like the Apple Pencil is really great when digital planning. It allows you to actually write in your planner versus typing and easily utilize other features like stickers and the hyperlinks.

Getting Started

Rather watch the vid? Just scroll down!

Step by Step Instructions on Downloading Your Digial Planner
  1. Find planner or digital product you'd like to get
  2. Add to cart and proceed to checkout
  3. Add billing info and continue to payment screen
  4. Add payment info if necessary 
  5. Click complete order
  6. Your download will be preparing. Wait a moment
  7. Click " Download Now " 
  8. Click " Download " again
  9. Click the downloads section in your tablet or computer
  10. Click on your new digital product
  11. Click on the import button
  12. Click " Open in _____ " ( if you are using GoodNotes, it will say GoodNotes. Same goes for any annotation app used.
  13. Click " Import to Documents "
  14. Your digital download will appear on your screen ready for use.

See, simple! The video below shows the same steps and remember, the same steps apply for any annotation app. 



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