2 Steps to Digital Stickers

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How to Use Digital Stickers

Why Digital Stickers?

Digital stickers are truly the best.

I personally have spent hundreds on planner stickers before discovering digital planning.

Ordering all over the place from high end planner shops like cloth & paper or more affordable shops like Etsy.

When it comes to digital planning, I’ve spent a fraction of the price while have amazing freedom and usability with them.

Here’s the bottom line…

With digital stickers, you buy once and use until you’re tired of them. Plus with digital, your creativity is uncapped.

With digital stickers, you're able to:

  • Resize them to fit perfectly
  • Copy & Paste to use and reuse
  • Delete if unwanted or undo if the deletion was a mistake
  • Add backgrounds or frames to labels or icons
  • Create graphs and personal habit trackers
All it takes is a simple copy and paste to use. 

If you’re a beginner, we’ve created this short video on the simple 2 step process when using digital stickers to help you get your digital planning journey ready. 

How to Use Digital Stickers : The Simple 2 Step Process



To find any of the products like the planner or stickers used in the video above, check out the Lilac Desk 

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